The Role of Local and Federal Government in Preventing Childhood Obesity


Childhood obesity or childhood overweight prevalence rates in USA is increasing and with this rate America is becoming obesogenic society. American society is characterized with unhealthy food intake and non physical activity, and there are ineffective laws and policy from government to prevent it (Burniat, 2002). The role of government policy and intervention into the matter at governmental level is widely considered as important to combat the situation. The importance of government role at both local and federal level can contribute to provide such healthy and change environment where public are guided to have nutritious food and live healthy life by adopting physical activity. Hire professional  assignment writer from Dissertattion Online UK

 The Role of Federal Government

The USA federal government has noticed the increasing rate of childhood obesity in most of the states in America and with the collaboration of different government departments has taken decision to introduce health related policy. On the other hand, the division of Nutrition and Physical activity and obesity is determined to reduce childhood obesity and introduced health program, technical assistance and research and training facilities as an intervention development. In addition, the department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. This guideline is issued by the federal government which is provided to help the children of 6 years and above to improve their health by physical activity. Government has further recommended that every child will have 60 minutes or more than that for physical activities on daily basis. Government has also shown concerns over the medical expenses and obesity cost that is accelerating to $147 billion in a year which includes medical bills.

Moreover, the White House Health and Human Services Department along with Department of Agriculture and Department of Education has initiated a campaign that aims to promote the healthy eating and physical activity as part of daily life. This information is provided in schools to parents and communities (Garbarino, 2010).   

The Role of Local Government

The prevention of obesity in children and creation of healthy environment is considered possible with the help of local government in USA. The crucial contribution of local government at the level of city, town or state can be effective to persuade the parents and community members to make it easier for children to eat healthy diets and have active life. The Institute of Medicine (IOM), in this regard has produced a report for local government officials known as Local Government Action to Prevent Childhood Obesity. This report aims to serve as a practical guide for government officials at local levels and has stressed on the need of healthy eating and active living for children.

With the arrival of these recommendations, the local committee has sought actions required to take to affect the children using the resources available to local government and within the jurisdiction of local government. Local government has most focus on the children activities out-of-school related to eating habit and adequate physical activity. For this government has considered the amount of food consumption recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Ameri­cans and adequate physical activity for children makes total of 60 minutes per day (Waters, 2010). 



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