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Natural disasters affect a particular region with great damage, and there could be a loss of life (NOAA, 2014). These develop intensity over time as well, causing more destruction, and with the loss of life, these could further create health problems for the existing population (Bankoff et al., 2004). This study involves the comparison of the flooding that occurred in Oman, in the year 2007 (Fritz et al., 2010), with the number of destructive floods that occurred in the same year in the United Kingdom (Blackburn et al., 2008). This study further analyses the strategic planning that should be taken in order to handle the medical response and the public health that becomes disturbed in such crisis.


Oman experienced the flooding disasters from Cyclone Gonu, which had been identified as the strongest tropical cyclone in the Arabian Sea and in the Northern Indian Ocean (Fritz& al, 2010). The cyclone had encountered the Eastern most tip of the nation on sixth of June. Gonu had become one of the strongest tropical cyclone that had stroked the Arabian Peninsula. After this, the cyclone went into the northward direction towards the Gulf of Oman (Dibajnia et al., 2010). There had been 50 deaths and the damage was worth $ 4.2 billion in Oman. Cyclone Gonu has been identified as one of the worst natural disasters that occurred in the nation (Wang et al., 2012).

In the same year, the UK had also experienced destruction from flooding in different parts. This was during the summer; the strongest flooding had been experienced in the Northern Ireland, the East Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, the Midlands, Worcestershire Gloucestershire, South Wales, Berkshire, and Herefordshire (Firth, 2007). The average rainfall had been indicated as 5.5 inches i.e. 140 mm across the country. Although there had been 13 deaths overall, the property damage was about £ 6 billion as of whole (Bannerman, 2007). The three months May, June and July have been termed as the wettest month of Britain, relatively to records that initiated in the year 1776. There had been high rescue efforts as well (Macklin et al., 2007). Get online dissertation help by Expert Writers

Aims and Objectives

This study utilises a comparative study, through which it would identify the strategic planning for the medical issues and the public health problems that was a response to the discussed disasters of Oman and the UK. Following are the major aims and objectives for this study,

  • To develop a strategic plan in order to deal with the medical response and the public health for Oman
  • To present an effective comprehensive system in terms of providing proper management in the sectors of medical response and public health
  • To reduce the destruction of property and the loss of life from the effectiveness of the strategic plan
  • To indicate the gaps and problems that are involved in the strategic framework for Oman
  • Comparison of the public health sector and the medical response between Oman and the UK, defining their respective capabilities and effectiveness

Research Questions

Following are the research questions that would be addressed in this study,

  • In terms of a disaster or an emergency, what are the problems that occur as an outcome to a medical response and in public health?
  • How would the key factors affect the affectivity of the planning that would be presenting preparedness and recovery?
  • The actions taken up for managing the disaster risks, how can this be ensured to be helpful in future planning?
  • What other agencies could be involved in the medical response and public health sector in terms of disasters, in Oman and the UK?
  • By taking up emergency preparedness activities, what are the means for promoting the health sector in terms of disaster management systems?


Creating a strategic framework in terms of a crisis or an emergency is extremely important, in particular towards the medical response and public health problems. This study would analyse the key challenges that would be faced by Oman and the UK for a strategic planning in the disaster management and medical assistance. This study would help in identifying the key challenges in detail, such as a substantial and unregulated increase in the health sector, the demographic and epidemiological transitions (Alhinai, 2011).


This research study aims at increasing the awareness of the affectivity, comparing Oman and the UK in 2007. This affectivity is expressed from health sector in terms of medical response and disaster management, including the establishment of the related strategy. The strategic planning aims towards medical sector to become strong in order to have the effective response in such disasters. This also includes the mobilisation capacity, resources, skills, and the support that would appropriate in such circumstances. This support would be to advance the health system in the particular affected region, which would be within the Sultanate.

The National Committee for Civil Defence for the Sultanate of Oman has indicated the national visualisation for the civil defence to be prepared at all times in order to deal with any sort of emergency or disaster. This also includes challenges faced by  Oman and the UK such as preparedness levels amongst emergency health sectors, the requirements for an improvement in care quality, and the organisations in this sector that promote the Ministry of Health for the development of a response plan.


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