Dissertation: Conclusion Area of interest in Western journals

Chapter Five: Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1       Introduction

The basic aim of the study was to identify the main areas of interest in western journals in the context of project management practices in China. In order to achieve the aim of the study, two hundred western journal and books on project management practices in China highlights different characteristics of project management practices in China. This study is also conducted to provide methods to western companies and institutions for conducting projects conveniently in China. Buy online  assignment writing service to get help with academics. Therefore, the objectives of the study were formulated to discuss the key theories, concepts, and ideas used in the journals of the project management in China. Moreover, it also addressed main issues related to project management in China, knowledge related to the project management in China, origins of project management in China, political standpoints in project management in China, and methodologies used by the authors. However, the next section illustrates the important areas of interest that are missed by the western journals regarding Chinese project management.

5.2  Limitations of Western Journals

It was observed during the searching, data gathering and content analysis phase of the study that most of western journals missed out some key areas of Chinese project management. These key areas included the social factors i.e. the impact and influence of Chinese society on their project management practices. Similarly, a very less focus has been made in the western journals on the risk management and internal crisis management practiced by the Chinese managers. In addition, feudal superstition, relational (guanxi) culture, and language and communication barriers and bureaucratic corruption were also found as a missing area of interest by the western journals. Get  help with essay from experienced team of writers.  The communication language has much significance in an effective contractual agreement between the Chinese managers and foreign managers, which could not be underestimated. Therefore, authors should write on the approaches used by the Chinese managers to overcome these language barriers. This is so because it has been observed that the technical unfamiliarity due to the language barriers becomes hurdle in the completion of the even a basic task of a project. On the other hand, some consideration should also be made regarding the modern and integrated techniques used by the Chinese managers in the effective management of their projects as the western journals are lacking in this area too.

5.3  Research Limitations and Recommendations for the Future Research

 The research conducted to identify the key area of interest in western journals in Chinese project management practices had some limitations, as it incorporated the research using non-random approach for the selection of the journals. Hire  dissertation writer online for well resourced academic writing help.  The findings of the research are based on the random selection of journals, which has reduced the thoroughness of the study because there is lack of focus on the single concepts. Therefore, it is recommended to have different approach for conducting such research that should be based on clear identification of variables using specific instruments for measuring the comprehensiveness and authentication of the research. Furthermore, the numbers of journals should be limited to generalize the findings of the results. However, strengths and weaknesses of journals are discussed in the context of their methodologies and approaches if further research is to be made, the recognition of strengths and weaknesses of the research should be based on their applications of theories and research findings. This approach will help in obtaining the valid and reliable results, which can be evaluated using specific measures.    

5.4  Conclusion

It should be noted that recommendations are given on the basis of the analysis and comparison of journals and authors as discussed in the content analysis or literature review. The results of the content analysis have been found considerably significant with regard to understanding the key area of interest for the western journals. Ask Dissertation Online to  write my thesis. Throughout the analysis and comparisons of the journals and authors, it is found that there different characteristics that are viewed as important in the Chinese project management. However, the scope of research in each characteristics vary from one to another such as culture, political system, investment opportunities, project management practice, and business philosophy are the main area of concern for the western journals, yet there are significant negligence to law and leadership. Moreover, there is lacking in the diversification of approaches and methodologies in Anglo-American authors comparatively to Chinese authors, which mitigate the richness of the research content in those journals. Hence, it could be concluded that the western journals should also focus on the key missing areas that are much more significant for the consideration of potential investors.


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