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Say Good Bye To Boring Thesis

If you’re at the edge of your degree completion and are willing to start your thesis, but being lazy because you think you will be bored soon. Well, it is the fact. This boredom strikes every student at least once in the life.

Now you can actually enjoy your thesis writing just by putting little effort. The best thing you can do to make your thesis writing fun and interesting is by dividing your chapters and setting you the time limit for each chapter. Make a timeline table and score yourself according to the time and effort you have spent on each section.

Setting Timeline

When we were kids, our teachers and parents used to set a timeline for us to cover the whole syllabus without feeling any burden before the exam. Use this strategy same for your thesis writing.

  • Estimate the time for each part
  • Set the number of pages you will do per day
  • Mark on the score board that you have achieved the goal or not

Setting Baseline

Setting a baseline means list up the subheads under the main heads of the chapter or in other words sketch a rough table of content that will help you in memorizing what things needed to be added and where to fit what heading.

  • Write each part under specific and clear subheadings
  • Do not write continuous paragraph on each page
  • Avoid haphazard content, your content should be perfectly assemble

Milestone the Content

Keep your thesis sequential so it should come in one pace. Start with the favouring point, discuss the opposing parts in the middle and end up with the justifying conclusions.

Be confident about your topic either it is a further research to someone’s research or you have continued it further or it is about introducing a complete new concept.

Take the most relevant and authentic literature to make your thesis reliable and valid. However, keep your content unique that is avoiding the plagiarism, as it will make the work done by you into doubt, in front of your supervisor.

Enjoy writing

Start your writing when you feel like, it will build-up your own interest in the writing. Be a search ninja and make as much research as you can, from all the possible and available sources and yes do not forget to cite them in your work. Your content has to be in academic language, as it has to pass through many hands and will be a great source of knowledge for others, hopefully. Keep in your mind that you will be judged based on your thesis content so do it with full heart, the reader should not feel that you have just written to get rid of it. Make it interesting with diagrams, mind maps, flow charts and tables. Provide your data obtained in the form of pie charts, histograms, bar charts, graphs and the screenshots of the software you have used to analyse the data, people get attracted by these actions quicker than the long paragraphs. You can also take help from online thesis writing service providers.

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