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A Guide To Write the Best CV

The notion of C.V or Resume is introduced to get any specific desired position in professional life, to gain an experience, because the greater experience is, the higher chances we have to set our professional career. C.V writing is the first step towards professional life. Every beginner will definitely have a question in mind how to make a perfect C.V or what major ingredients are required to make a C.V that convince employer to call for interview. This blog answers all your questions along with employee’s survey in different fields that come up with common things found in the majority of C.V writings.

This content is divided into few basic headings that require your attention. Go through them these are best Professional CV writing services operating online to help candidates who have put their first step in professional life. If one asks what significant aspects they look for in candidate/ employer C.V? The answer was focused on following things.

Major Aspects to look for:

C.V templates:

Template tells the employee an actual phase of your professional life like if you’re new in professional career so your template can be a Graduate or First jobber. The template must be attractive.

The rest of the major aspects focused according to the number of percentage are:

  • 45% previous related work experience
  • 35% Qualifications& skills
  • 16% Accomplishments
  • 9% Education (these were not just graduate recruiters or this score would be much higher!)
  • 1% Personal experiences
  • 1% Computer skills
  • Raise your standard of interests and skills. While telling about your all activities make a style of writing things.

Avoid writing – Reading, cinema, stamp-collecting, playing computer games in your interests and hobbies.

Instead, write – Cinema: member of the University Film-Making Society, reading: helped younger pupils with reading difficulties at school. Though, the interests are same, but style is different and it sounds like a mature, grown up candidate is telling his/her

Factors Lead to Reject the C.V

CVs with spelling mistakes, inappropriate email address, lacking list of skills, more than two pages long, and printed on decorative paper. Another cause of rejecting C.V is there’s 38% exaggeration about education, and 35% wrong details in employment history. According to another survey, 76% of C.Vs are rejected due to unprofessional email addresses. For instance;

Bullets make CVs more readable:

Yes, bullets make easier to read your C.V, but don’t use bullets in excess as they can make it boring! Bullets are only used for mentioning skills, and interests, otherwise they create nuance in paragraphs.

Why you need to use a spell checker:

Make sure content written in your C.V is free of any grammatical mistake nor it is allowed in any high qualified candidate’s C.V. Usually people don’t pay attention to spellings and make mistakes like:;

  • I would like a job in the servillian police
  • I am applying for a mini-pupiledge
  • i am a prefectionist and rarely if if ever forget details.

Working Skills:

Working skills are important because it tells you particular quality and which post is apt for you. Mention your Working skills in this way;

  • I was an administrator in a busy office.
  • I have a doable award in science.
  • Manager in Eng department.​


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